Monday, October 18, 2010

A Healthy Budget

I wanted to tell you something I discovered a few months ago that makes me happy every day.

My father is a PA in dermatology. I love it, and for the past forever, I have been the beneficiary of all of his fun samples, lotions, and creams. Once I was even the guinea pig for a new laser they got in the office. He needed to practice on someone before he used it on his patients...that someone was me. Let me tell was awful, and it hurt so bad. That is when I realized that beauty was truly PAINFUL.

So having said that...this leads me into what makes me happy every day. I used to buy really good, really expensive face wash from him. He has great connections. Lately though, the budget has been tight. My tight budget and living across the country has made it difficult for me to get my hands on my beloved face wash.

One day I ran out. Completely out. Every last drop gone.

I had some dove bars on hand. You know, the plain white ones...
I remembered hearing him tell someone they were good for your face. With that memory, I picked up the white plain bar, squooshed it through my hands a couple of times, and lathered up my face.

I have been using that bar ever since. And every time I lather up my hands and raise them to my face, I smile.

Did you know that those simple Dove bars work just as well as the expensive face wash I was using? My old face wash was about $80 a bottle. I was so stingy with it. Now I am a lathering machine!

Just thought I would share. Have a good night...I'm off to lather.


  1. Who would have thought? What does your dad think about you using Dove?

  2. I had no clue! What a great tip.

  3. Good tip! I have been spoiled by good skin and frankly, I hardly ever do more than just rinse it in the shower with water, but now that I'm close to hitting 40, I'm thinking of babying myself. I'll go get a Dove bar, soap that is.

  4. I told him just the other day and he said it's gentle and pure and he recommends it to a lot of people. Funny huh. He still uses the expensive stuff, but I love it that you don't have to spend that kind of money to get the same results. It's good for the budget.

    Becky, you always make me laugh. I love your play on words. Dove chocolate is my favorite!