Thursday, October 14, 2010

Death By Halloween Candy

Every fall it starts. The endless amounts of candy you can find in the stores reminding us that the holidays are here and they are all about candy. Ok, their not, but you'd think that with the crazy amounts of candy you can find. Last year I did myself a favor and instead of being Miss. Frugal or Ms. Prepared by buying sale candy a head of time I waited until just before Halloween. Yes, this limits your choices, but you're giving it away right?

The one thing that I can't wait to buy are these delectable mini pumpkins. Candy corn has nothing over a fresh candy pumpkin. The great thing is that you can buy a small packages to keep things in check.
This year I've once again waited to buy candy but I purchased a much bigger bag of pumpkins....I've had them for almost two weeks but I think their days are limited. 5=140 calories, but they are empty calories. However, it's good not to deny yourself of simple pleasures or you'll find your self going crazy and going over board.
The last few nights I've wanted to go crazy more like this pumpkin and eat everything in sight. Salty, nutty, sweet, all sounds good.

The one thing I have to stay away from because I have no control are peanut butter cups. I love that they make pumpkin peanut butter cups because they have more peanut butter than a normal cup.....I could make myself just continually eating them. I will have one before they go away until next year but I'm hoping it will just be one.

What are your seasonal favorites? Do you allow yourself to indulge?


  1. I think you nailed both of them, the mini-pumpkins and the Reese's pumpkins (although the Easter egg, Christmas tree, and Valentine hearts are a close second to the peanut butter pumpkin). I don't like chocolate much, which makes enjoying my favorite holiday that much easier! Oh yeah, I also like the tootsie rolls that are red and blue flavored...I know red and blue aren't flavors, but I can't remember what the flavors are. :)

  2. Candy corns are nasty, just nasty. Sugar & wax, yummmmmy! NOT! So I have no problem staying away from them. But I do have a chocolate/nut weakness, like Snickers. I deliberately haven't bought any candy yet, so they don't tempt me. The fruit-flavored Tootsie rolls are my favorite kind of Tootsie rolls, too. I also have this fond memory of bubble-gum flavored Laffy Taffy. I wish I could find those again. If anyone finds them, I'll pay you $$ to ship them to me, no kidding!

    Okay, I'm not talking about candy anymore.

  3. I'm with Becky, gag on the candy corn! I'm for sure a chocolate fan (no nuts). A couple weeks ago, Rite Aid had a really good sale on candy. When I brought them home, I left a little note for my sleeping husband who just got off a night shift. It said, "Hide me, until I ask you to come out again." He hid them and it's been a great way to avoid temptation!

  4. I'm with you girls. I have a bowl of candy corn on my desk which everyone else loves... but it doesn't tempt me. I'm glad even the mail man comes in and indulges. He needs energy for his route right? Well, if they were snickers or butterfingers.... that would be HARD to have them so close. The little bits size ones are great. but so far I have only purchased candy corn. I'll wait. Maybe I can raid the grandkids bag...HA HA.