Friday, August 6, 2010

Jazzercise and Apple Pie

This is late to the game, but I wanted to let you all know that I jazzercised twice with my 70+ year old mom while I was vacationing in Vermont. Jazzercise was new to me and lots of fun. It got me sweating and my heart pumping. Lots of energetic dance aerobic movements, some weights, some kick boxing moves and we even did push-ups. It wasn't super hard either. So, in sum, it was the perfect vacation exercise. {And since Ben and Jerry were with us in Vermont too, with the factory in the vicinity, Jazzercise was a needed morning pick me up!}

I'm gearing up to go gung-ho HWHL again soon. The next two weeks we are hosting a foreign exchange student and it's going to be crazy, vraiment la folie, around here. I need to cook healthy, but also bring out the American standards...which are what exactly, do you think?


  1. BBQ anything probably. But I think a really good hand made hamburger is a must!

  2. Man, I fantasize about visiting the Ben and Jerry's factory. Hmmm...

    American foods - the funny thing is that as Americans, we love eating international foods! Pizza, spaghetti, tacos, burritos, Chinese take-out, you name it. If you lived out West, I would suggest serving her a true western treat - dutch oven cooking with the iron pots, charcoal, and whole shebang. Yes, I'm assuming you probably don't have that equipment, or know-how. But maybe you know someone who does, or there might be a restaurant in your area that does that.

    Maybe think New York Deli type of food: hot dogs, pastrami, bagels, etc.

    Or maybe ask your foreign exchange student to help you make a meal from his/her country. They might enjoy that.

    And ditto Audrey's comment on the BBQ. That was my first thought, too. Throw in some great salads. Americans do love their salads, from greens to potatoes to whip cream/jello combos. Have an old-fashioned ice cream machine? The kind you need ice and rock salt for? That would be fun, too.

    Good luck!

  3. Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, mac and cheese, ice cream and apple pie. I'm sure your little jeune Fran├žais aura une aventure magnifique avec vous. I bet he'll want to come back next year for both the fun and food.

  4. Yeah, go with southern food. My husband's specialty is smoking (meat). Makes my mouth water just thinking about those ribs. I think Mormon fair is pretty American as well, which is most of the casseroles, one-dish foods. I love southern food, so Texas toast, some smoked meat, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, apple pie, fried okra, fried zucchini, fried fish...wait there's a theme going on here, I'd better stop before I start craving something that I can't get at 11:09 on a Saturday night (or just shouldn't eat period).

    I know all about jazzercise! My mom used to jazzercise on the days she didn't swim (every other day). I mainly remember her jazzercising to Micheal Jackson songs. It was so fun! Hahaha!!