Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garbage in, garbage out

Sometimes I just have to do this. Those chips leftover from the Memorial Day picnic, nobody in this house needed them any more. Goodbye. But I did eat some yummy leftovers for lunch: green beans, grilled red peppers, baked potato with salsa and watermelon slice.

Last night I was the garbage can for a part of my kids' dinner: seared scallops. They weren't fans. Even though I presented them as "Chinese scallops" since they like Chinese food a lot. Still, no love from the kids for the scallops. At only 13 calories a scallop but a little over two dollars a piece, none of that good stuff was going to waste. Lesson learned: only buy scallops for appreciative adults.


  1. Did you know the Queen is allergic to scallops? I've never been keen on trying them due to that and my dislike of many fishy foods. I'm siding with your kids, but congrats to you on the leftovers.

  2. When I read the title to this post I got a little line of thought was in the toilet. I have a rule, no really good, expensive food for anyone under 18. The kids can try a bite if they want, but no full servings for them. It's always nice to have leftovers of something REALLY good (I don't like scallops either, but love fish, crab, and shrimp).

  3. I love scallops, my fav was Scallops St Jacques...but no more scallops for me.

    I'm with Jenn, save the unusual and expensive food for those who will truly appreciate it. I also like reverse psychology, tell the kiddos they're too young to eat it and then of course they'll want to try it. Any child that wants to try something new should be given the chance.

    My problem with garbage out is my hubby who keeps buying garbage and bringing it home. Believe me I have to constantly use self control. Today it was a dozen freshly baked croissants of which I will not eat even one.

  4. I love scallops, I would gladly have helped you eat them.

  5. I've never had scallops, but can safely bet I wouldn't like them. I do like the label trick, though. We used to use Peter Pan. As in, "Oh but these are Peter Pan tomatoes!"